I have found Andy to be thorough in his analysis of the injury, personable in his approach to my family and I who have used his services, and always available to answer questions after the treatment. I would endorse Andy to anyone who is either injured, wanting to prevent future injuries, or who has taken up a new sport or recreational pastime and wants some ideas on how they can prepare for it.

– Tony Gribble

If you’re old and physically out of shape (not that it’s a pre-requisite to be in such poor shape, that’s simply my own personal situation) and vain attempts to relive previous sporting prowess results in injuries like blown calves, rotator cuff, lower back, etc etc, then Andy is your man for putting the pieces back together and getting you back out there…

– Martin Abert

I have used many physios over the years and can honestly say that I am impressed with those offered by Andy and his team at Active Physio. If you are looking for the best physio on the North Shore then you need look no further – Andy provides professional care with great results. His approach of treating an injury with follow-up strengthening exercises is effective and helps prevent the injury re-occurring.

– George Deeb

As a professional tennis player having an injury and time off playing costs me money. So it’s important that I get the most accurate and thorough diagnosis and treatment. I continue to use Andy because he gives me the confidence that I will be back playing in the quickest possible time. I have travelled extensively and can truly say Andy is world class. As well as his professionalism he has a great sense of humour, making my treatments as enjoyable as is possible.

– Dan King-Turner – Professional Tennis Player