Another successful prize winner for our iPhone referral incentive scheme

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All of us at FunctionEight Ltd were really pleased to see our Director of Sales Hundah Chan handing over another brand new iPhone 7 Plus. Hundah is pictured handing over the phone to our very long term client LRF Design’s Chairman Charles Robertson.  He was receiving this on behalf of Heidi Liu who unfortunately wasn’t available

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Google Chrome 68 to enforce https SSL use by July 2018

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Another article on ComputerWorld (by Greg Keizer) that is well worth a read.  Encrypt your website    This time Computerworld review the decision that Google have recently made to finally put a deadline date against a 2016 promise.  That is to enforce secure encryption to be implemented on all websites - by July 2018. SSL implementation

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IT Engineers looking for a change in your working environment

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Chinese New Year is next week.  Any IT Engineers that may be considering a change in their current employment are potential candidates for vacancies at FunctionEight. We would welcome hearing from you as we are actively recruiting new IT Engineers at the moment. FunctionEight are recruiting for both our Hong Kong and Singapore offices. IT System

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Attempting to demystify blockchain…

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  Do you understand blockchain?  Does the relationship between blockchain, online security and cryptocurrency leave you scratching your head?  Or were you even aware that there was a relationship between them??  This article by Doug Drinkwater in ComputerWorld is a good read.  Attempting to cast some clarity over it all without being overly technical... to read

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Intel Chip flaw

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It has emerged that the performance speed of Intel chips can slow down by anything from 5 – 30 per cent when a software fix is applied to rectify a recently discovered fundamental design flaw. However, the reality is that an average user won’t really notice a 30% reduction in their chip speed with regular day-to-day

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How FunctionEight Web Development transformed from Waterfall to Agile

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Agile software development Agile software development started around the early 90s and at that time Waterfall was still the common methodology that was being used. The concept that time was developing an engine (eg Rolls Royce) was the same as software development. 100 pages of scoping and requirements, start building the software,  Quality Assurance and then Deployment.

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April Kwong talks about Laravel as a great website framework

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Our Project Manager and a former Web Developer at FunctionEight was recently one of the highlight speakers at the biggest PHP Conference Asia 2016. About 200 PHP developers from all over Asia attended the conference held at Matrix Bipolis. April talks about how Laravel is a good framework for backend developers, frontend/UI developers, project managers and business owners.

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A successful prize winner for our iPhone referral incentive scheme

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All of the FunctionEight team were absolutely delighted that our Director of Sales Hundah Chan was able to recently hand over a brand new iPhone 7 Plus to the wonderful Kirsty Pocock (from our existing client TTB Partners).  Kirsty read one of our recent eNewsletters and noticed something quite important.  For quite some time we have been running

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The house without an alarm gets burgled first? Don’t make it easy for Cyber Criminals

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I recently sat on a conference panel in Hong Kong on cybersecurity where the title of the panel was “Cybersecurity – should I be concerned?”. Considering this was a conference for financial institutions in Hong Kong the title somewhat scared me that in this day and age we are still asking whether or not a company

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New Ransomware outbreak “Petya” is spreading rapidly!

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Please note that there is a new ransomware outbreak.  It currently seems to have targeted large organisations in Europe and the US with outdated software, but it will gradually make its way to Asia, so we have to be extremely careful.  Even more so than usual! The current Ransomware outbreak “Petya” is spread through a

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