Nicolas Thomas

Company: Computer Forensics NZ Ltd

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About Computer Forensics NZ Ltd

Computer Forensics NZ uses the latest and most innovative data recovery techniques, as well as proprietary software and procedures. We are the original data recovery company in New Zealand, based in Auckland and operating since 1999 in Australasia and beyond.

We specialise in all types of data recovery, including file restoration, hard drive rescue and forensic computer investigations. Are you struggling to recover deleted files?

Call us today for all types of file recovery or to track down vital evidence.

About Nicolas Thomas

I consider myself the translation matrix for Computer Forensics, able to speak fluent geek and “normal” English, at the same time! If you come to us with a problem, I’m the one who will ensure that we know what you need and that you know what is feasible for us to provide. I turn client needs into a set of results Computer Forensics can achieve, assess pricing and help clients understand what we, as computer forensics and data recovery experts, can do to help them. At the end of it all, I’ll translate that technical report into language any customer can understand and guide them through what it means for them.

So how I did I get here?
After two years of mechanical engineering study I was drawn to the field of criminal forensics and obtained a BSc in Biochemistry and Microbiology.

I spent a number of years of working in clinical research specialist roles in South Africa and on arriving in New Zealand I decided to take the people skills and technical aptitude garnered in those positions and focus them on the computer industry, joining Computer Forensics in 2012.

I’ve worked my way up through the company and as Co-owner and Director I now manage the everyday operations of the business – including being that translation matrix.

★ Here at Computer Forensics, we enjoy what we do; helping people – and we like to think we’re pretty good at it!