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Hosting Schedule

Each fortnight the meeting features a member or a prospective member who is given approximately 10 minutes to inform the group about their business. Meetings are currently held at 7:15am at Caffe eCucina unless otherwise specified.

Upcoming Speakers:

22/10/19 Adrian Clarke – Harper Digital

05/11/20 Barry Adkins – Automotive Colours

19/11/20 Sam Gribble (application for membership) – SCRIB Construction

03/12/20 Steph Lane – Active+

17/12/20 Peter Hollins – Hair (by Roz)

Previous Speakers:

21/11/19 Jo Choat – Jo Choat Mortgages & Insurance

22/11/19 Xmas Drinks from 4:30pm onwards at The Merchant Bar, Albany Mall

05/12/19 General discussion with all members tabling high/low points of the year

Xmas / New Year break

30/01/20 Return date for 1st meeting of the year – general discussion on individual goals for the year

13/02/20 Nicholas Thomas (application for membership) – Computer Forensics NZ Ltd

27/02/20 Erin Adkins –

12/03/20 Angela Lester –NZ Travel Brokers

26/03/20 No formal speaker – getting used to Zoom meetings and discussing Covid-19 impacts

09/04/20 Tony Gribble –Financial Design Group

23/04/20 Peter Stewart –Peter Stewart Builders

07/05/20 Martin Abert – FunctionEight Ltd

29/08/19 Robert Elcombe – DataCentre220

04/06/20 Fraser Lamb –Furlong & Associates

18/06/20 Graham Aylett –Aylett Investigations

02/07/20 Dale Evans – The Glazier

16/07/20 Bruce Donkin –Barfoot & Thomson

30/07/20 Chris du Toit –iPower

13/08/20 Zoom Lockdown v2.0 – General discussion on membership drive

03/09/20 Hamish Anderson – Novo Group

24/09/20 Jeremy Parsons –Davenports Harbour Lawyers

08/10/20 Tom Kelly – B&B Plumbing