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A TOTAL SOLUTIONS information technology company

Q: Why was the stone age more efficient than the computer age

A: People in the stone age knew how to make the best use of their tools.

After all – you wouldn’t use a chisel to cut a steak would you?

If you’re not making full and proper use of what information technology has to offer, you’re not realising the full potential of your business.

As Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Solow once put it, “you can see the computer age everywhere but in the productivity statistics”.

The reason for this is that most companies do not make the best use of their IT tools, and chances are your business is one of them.

In a recent article for MIT’s Technology Review, Dr. Dertouzos decries how computers are misused and abused: “I see ridiculous duplication of effort. People are doing everything they used to do before computers, plus the added work required to keep computers happy or to make people appear modern”.

A computer and software, out of the box, do not offer a truly human-friendly interface.

At Function 8 our job is to give your computers a human-friendly interface so that they become functional tools instead of frustrating light boxes that sit their blinking at you all day.

FUNCTION 8’s Mission Statement is to “Assist Small and Medium Enterprises to capitalise on information and technology through a range of pro-active E-enabled products and services” .

This means the company is equipped to help your business:

  • Retain it’s intellectual property when key staff depart;
  • Communicate and share information, between multiple locations;
  • Track products and services – knowing costs, time taken, deadlines and estimated times of arrival;
  • Automate ordering, distribution, pricing, promotion;
  • Increase productivity through instant communications, efficient service and production; and
  • Develop functional IT systems that are more efficient, stable and productive.

FUNCTION 8 offers everything from web design and development, short term advice and support to assistance with project management, procurement advice and office moves to full scale support and proactive IT maintenance.

If you are searching for fully qualified engineers, analysts, programmers, developers, designers, project managers or technicians, FUNCTION 8 has a full range of IT Professionals and Consultants who will be able to attend to your diverse needs.