Martin Abert, CEO

A common question I’m getting at the moment is: “Should we be looking at taking our business into the cloud?”

For the uninitiated, the cloud is another word for the internet and when you take your business into the ‘cloud’, it means you’re storing and accessing all your software and data via a third party who hosts it on a remote server somewhere — rather than on your own computer or the company’s servers.

The short answer to that question from FunctionEight is: “Not yet, because it’s still early days”.

Moving to the cloud means trusting your entire business operation to someone else, and trusting that they have their back-up and security all sorted out. We all know of highly publicised incidents recently where online services lost secure data or went offline for ages, leaving their customers unable to ‘access’ their business.

Unless you’re an early adopter keen to experiment with the future of your business, my advice is to ‘wait and see’ what happens

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