The three most common ones are:
1. Opening an email attachment
2. Following a link to a website
3. Inserting a foreign USB drive into your computer

We do some of these things every day, yet any one of these three actions have the potential to install malicious software onto your computer.

The worst kind of which can lock up your entire computer system (and all its data, including documents and photos) in minutes.

In the past few months two of my customers have been hit by criminals demanding ransom after encrypting their computer systems.

Unfortunately this is a trend that is on the increase.

Well respected security advisor Roger Grimes posted an article recently outlining the demise of an entire cloud-based company, it makes for interesting reading:

Backups are the only form of defence against this type of attack, they allow us to restore the information of your business.

From your backups we can restore your data, and get you up and running again, usually within a day.

If you have a server, your backups are automated, so just make sure that you swap out your server backup disks on a daily basis, and always have one backup disk off-site.

And if you think doing a backup is too much work, just compare the amount of effort required to connect a backup disk, with the energy required to manually recreate all of your information.

So to prepare for the worst, all you need to do is to make sure that you are running a backup on a regular basis.
Such a small act can save your business from complete disaster.
Really, what could be easier than that.
So please remember to do it.