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Aylett Investigations – Auckland, New Zealand

Aylett Investigations is one of New Zealand’s established and most respected Private Investigation Companies.

With over 25 years’ experience in investigations helping people resolve their problems we are here to assist in all aspects of private investigation providing a cost effective service.  Our Investigators are experienced, skilled and from a law enforcement background.

Our team of investigators are ex-police, have many years of experience and as such are multi-disciplined which allows them to often provide a quicker solution.  We give you a realistic assessment of the case, the time required to complete it and the costs involved.

We’re friendly, approachable and above all discreet. We are here to help whatever your circumstances and we are happy to talk to you in complete confidence. Many cases require a level of discretion to resolve a sensitive situation and we understand the need for confidentiality.

Thinking of hiring a Private Investigator? Got a problem? Aylett Investigations comprehensive services can help!


+64 (0)21 199 9926 or 0800 295 388

Some of our Products & services

Identity theft

Aylett Investigations knows the huge impact and invasion of privacy that the theft of your identity can have on you. Many persons are victimised by identity theft each year and consumers often find it hard to prove their identity and undo all the credit history damage the thief has caused. Read more

Matrimonial Investigation (Cheating Partner?)

Are you suspecting that your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner is being unfaithful? Many people in long term and settled relationships can find themselves in circumstances where they feel, for whatever reason, that their partner may be cheating on them. Probably the worst part of this situation is suspecting but not knowing. Our Private Investigators at Aylett Investigations are experienced in handling such matters and are here to help. Read more

Theft and Fraud Investigation

Internal theft by those placed in positions of responsibility and trust, to act in an honest and trustworthy manner is particularly upsetting and deceitful. As a company employer, you expect loyalty and commitment from those you entrust your business with. Read more


Are you looking to protect your home or business against theft, shoplifting or employee theft? Closed circuit television can be a vital tool to help prevent this problem. CCTV has been proven as a deterrent in combating crime. At Aylett Investigations we have expert technicians who are authorised and licensed to carry out this procedure. We want to make your business more money and your home safer. Read more

Employee Theft

Internal theft by those placed in positions of responsibility and trust, to act in an honest and trustworthy manner is particularly upsetting and deceitful. As a company employer, you expect loyalty and commitment from those you entrust your business with. Aylett Investigations will be able to advise on aspects of security and on the best approach to obtain the evidence required to prove or negate your suspicions. Read More

Process Serving

We offer a reliable process service throughout the Auckland and the wider area. When the documents have been served, we will prepare the necessary Affidavit, Certificate or Statement of Service which will be sworn accordingly and delivered to you without haste. Some of the Documents served by our process servers include the following: Applications, Witness Summons, Statutory Demand, Bankruptcy Petition, Winding Up Petition, Divorce Petition, Family Proceedings and Witness Summons. Read More


Surveillance is widely used to help clients gather the vital evidence they need to prove their concerns. Aylett Investigations have trained and experienced operatives ready to tackle any surveillance challenge. Our operatives come from a police background and as such understand what is required to achieve the objective. Read More

Missing Person Investigation

Aylett Investigations specialises in finding people, ranging from missing family members to finding old flames or classmates. Our Investigators are from a police background, so are familiar with the investigation of missing persons. Researching databases, interviewing the person’s family and associates, and many other inquiries produce conclusive results. Our missing person service is not limited to Auckland, but it is Nationwide and International. Read More

Undercover Agents

At Aylett Investigations we have a dedicated and experienced team of undercover agents who have proven skills gained from working within law enforcement agencies. We have trained and experienced agents able to perform operations from white collar crime down to floor work in commercial operations. Any undercover operation needs careful and considerate planning so that the best available evidence is achieved. Our agents recognise and understand the evidential standards that are required within New Zealand law. Read more

Counter Surveillance / Bug sweeping

Are you worried that your company could be subject to commercial espionage? Are you worried about security weaknesses within your business? Bugging company premises is a real risk as competition becomes tighter and technology more advanced. Aylett Investigations employ ex-police technical support detectives who have vast experience in this area. Read more

Personal Executive Protection

Personal Executive Protection or body guarding is the security measures taken to ensure the safety of individuals who are exposed to elevated personal risk due to their employment, celebrity status, wealth or association. Read More

Skip Tracing

Do you need a fast and efficient service to trace a person? Our operatives at Aylett Investigations are experts at tracing individuals. Through researching our extensive data bases and cross referencing information. We can locate persons for any numbers of reasons including contacting next of kin, tracing persons who have moved address and have funds owing to them or for those avoiding their financial responsibilities. Read More

Insurance Investigation

At Aylett Investigations we work closely in partnership with NZ’s leading insurers to determine the validity of the claim. As experienced insurance claim investigators, we will approach the claim with an open mind and a fresh pair of eyes. We understand the deadlines and time constraints you must work to. We will complete our investigation judiciously and in a timely manner. Our investigators are from a police background so know and how to document the scene and circumstances of the loss. Read More